Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My crazy little girl!

What a little nut I have on my hands! But I cherish her everyday of my life. I just took two days of vacation and had to take her for shots. That was not a fun experience, but at least I had two days of just Maddie and daddy time. I ate it up and she was such a good girl. She ran a little fever and just curled up in my arms and wanted to be loved. I just melted. She could have asked for the moon right then and I would have got it for her. This first picture is one that sticks in my head because it is her to a T!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Senior memories 2.0

Ok well I think so far the last post went over really well. Thanks for all the comments thus far! But Rel really got me thinking of more things I forgot so here is my addendum to the previous post:

Pimp bracelets (Thanks for reminding me Rel!). Man did we think we were hot stuff wearing those things. Passing them around and giving them to people. I know that Rel and Jenn wore some of mine! Yeah! Lol!

Who remembers this! Mozzarellas! Not the American Cafe...but Mozzarellas! We spent quite a few nights there. Or how about working at the school during the summer and going for lunch at Kanpai! Man that was good. Who remembers Mr. Jarrett's oh so glorious class? Thanks to Melissa sitting in from of me, I got such good sleep in that class. Watching one of the best cartoons ever with the girls on our fridays off...SMURFS!!! Being in the best pyschology class with Jenn, Danielle and even Melissa P. How about being the last class to have late arrival or early dismissal? Having control over parking and making sure our crew got the good spaces! There was watching Lilo and Stitch with Melissa, Jen and Dusty. That's right we saw it at the movie theater! Having so much fun at lunch time...buttery rolls, awesome tea, the best hot pockets and those french fries! There was the yellow shirt, an unusual side of Melissa on the internet (can you remember that one!) and long talks on AIM with Allyson over girl troubles! Taking the bold move which was encouraged by friends to ask Rel to the prom and then being shot down! Still love ya Rel! Missing the opportunity to go with Jenn which would have made Junior Prom more fun.

For Tommy and the boys there was ONION and having crushes on a lot of the girls who we could never even talk to! Speaking of onion she never knew did she guys? Remember me showing what to do with an onion! Ishon and Tommy know what I am talking about! There was tackle basketball in my driveway with the guys, Tommy and I just driving to drive and listening to Tim McGraw and Blessid Union! Having Jenn and Mel up to Tommy's house and watching the big football game while I struck out with Tabitha...I got alot of crap from you two about it but I laugh at it now. Driving to Ringgold on the backroad in my brother's miata with Jenn singing "heartbreaker"! Walking in late to American Studies with Tommy and getting that curious look are they a couple! Dang it I hated those looks but at least the girls knew we weren't...right? Lol! Having deep convos with Mel or Rel or Jenn or Lauren or Allyson or Meago or etc etc etc! School shopping with Melissa at Office Max, being so happy when she dumped Matt for such a good guy...that would be you Dusty. Tommy and I being the only sober people in the room but laughing cause it was so funny. Mad Gab with drunk Dusty and Melissa was hillarious. Playing Trivial Pursuit in the dark and Mel and I were the only ones that cared about it. Having fun at New Years at Dusty's when Tommy and Jenn weren't together but still matched like a couple! Stopping by Winn Dixie to bug Melissa while she was working. Same to Jenn at Old Navy.

Well I think I am all done but you never know...