Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amazing Love!!!

It amazes me how love can grow and grow. When Maddie was born, my whole world changed for the good. I instantly loved her and was amazed how God created her so perfect. It was a new love and better than any feeling or emotion I had ever had before. As the days went by, I loved her more and more. When she smiled, when she just gazed into my eyes, when she was asleep on my chest. It was all just amazing and each experience better than the last. As she grew into a toddler, things just kept getting better and better. She started crawling and pulling herself up and before I knew it she was taking steps by herself and was having a blast becoming Miss Independent. Then came what I thought was the best time ever. She started to put sounds together and before I knew it she was saying Da Da. My heart melted and I just wanted to hug her forever I think. Now she is becoming a little girl and and my heart just continues to swell with love and I was so proud to call her my baby girl...my daughter! She is starting to want to do things on her own like feed herself and put her socks and clothes on like her pjs. But the thing that I look forward to is coming home and her seeing my and hearing her say "daddy!" so excited. He short little legs are just working so hard as she runs to give me a hug. Having those arms wrap around my neck and her sugars make the worst day worth it. God works in mysterious ways and I don't know why he blessed a wretch like me with such amazing grace. He picked me to raise this perfect little joy and make sure she is taught right from wrong. I don't deserve such a wonderful joy, but God knows what he is doing and I will trust him. I know I am not the best dad in the whole world, but I do know that I love my daughter with all my heart and will raise her to be a strong woman who will conquer the world. She is my baby, my daughter but most of all...she is my Love.